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The guidelines below apply to Vanguard as a whole; our presence in social media such as FB, Twitter, YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, Xbox, and our conduct as members of this community. Actions below are prohibited, except where otherwise stated.

Forum and Discord Posting

Politics and Religion

No discussions on our site or Discord of politics or religion.  Unfortunately, this can lead to heated debates and divide our community.  There are plenty of outlets available for these discussions, so please take advantage of them and refrain from it in our clan.


  • All posts must be in English. Common foreign phrases may be allowed, but must include an English translation.
  • Swearing is governed by a filter through the admin panel. Words not allowed will be replaced with other symbols/text.

Flaming, Baiting, Trolling, Racism, and Name Calling

  • Flaming - posts targeted at a member in an effort to anger, hurt, insult, harass, or provoke.
  • Baiting – coercing a member into breaking the rules.
  • Trolling - deliberately provocative posting with the aim of inciting an angry response.
  • Name Calling - abusive or insulting language referring to a person or group.
  • Racism - having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.

Topic Hijacking

Derailing a thread, or inducing topics that are not related to the original subject.

Duplicate Threads

Creating duplicate threads will result in topics being locked, hidden, or deleted. You do not need multiple threads on the same topic.


  • Topics, or posts within topics, which do not pertain to the forum or topic it is in.
  • One word posts and images are allowed as long as they convey a message, relate to the topic, and do not violate any other forum rule.
  • Posts which include solely a quote from another player in the thread, with no additional content.

Capital Letters

Excessive posting in all capital letters.

Filter Evasion

Attempts to use words prohibited by the filter.

Aiding Rule Violators and Ban Evaders

Having knowledge of a rule violation or ban evasion and not reporting it to the game staff.

Inappropriate Imagery

  • Do not post any content containing child pornography to any website. We will never allow any instance of this, and will promptly report any suspected instances of child pornography (Including the network data relevant to the case) to law enforcement and government bodies.
  • Do not post any content that we determine depicts or contains rape, extreme violence, murder, bestiality, incest, or other similar content.


Xbox Parties and Gaming Sessions

Vanguard Gaming Clan allows cursing and trash talking, in a good-spirited manner. Excessive cursing, raging, rage-quitting, disrespect to others, controlling, and bullying will not be tolerated. Cheating by any means (modded controllers, hacks, use of exploits) is not allowed. Always be mindful of others when gaming or in a party together. Remember that you represent VGC, both in gaming sessions, and on outside forums (such as recruitment threads on game publisher sites, etc.) and your conduct should exemplify the standards we have in place, and integrity of the community.

Questionable Actions and Content

The guidelines above may not cover every situation. Should we encounter something that we deem harmful to the community, we reserve the right to take action against it.

Important Information

By using this site, you agree to our Guidelines